Needy 10: Enough is Enough

How you determine when you’ve done enough? Are you waiting for the faceless nameless chorus in your head to tell you that you are allowed to rest? Are you waiting for your partner or your boss to validate your efforts? Today’s episode is about reclaiming your power in determining for YOURSELF when enough is enough, so that you can stop running yourself ragged and start using your time more intentionally. Tune in to hear my best tools for reminding myself that I am enough and planning my schedule accordingly.

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • the truth that while you can do ANYTHING, you cannot do everything
  • how to prioritize the things you most want to accomplish (and how to figure out what they are to begin with)
  • creating to do lists that real, live humans can accomplish
  • the value in uni-tasking vs. multi-tasking
  • bringing intentionality to your work/play balance

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