Needy 11 & 12: Race, Sex & Money with Dyana Valentine

Today you are in for a special treat – a doubleheader of episodes featuring Dyana Valentine!

Dyana is an oracle. She started doing Woke Up Knowing™ experiences in 2011 when she had a waking vision of being in a bed in an ancient castle with people sitting around her bed waiting to hear a dream she had. Years later, she has dreamt in several countries, in languages she doesn’t speak, for seekers, artists, scientists, and humanitarians. Dyana’s work is powerful, agitating, and deep. Over the time that I have known her, I have been inspired again and again by the dedication that she pours into her work and the people it is of service to. Today’s episodes feature a duo of interviews. First, I interview Dyana about self-trust, honoring the indicators that have paved the portal for her work as an oracle, and meeting her needs for racial justice. In the second episode, Dyana interviews me, asking me questions about race, sex, and money.

Hear Dyana Talk About

  • Meeting our needs for justice, integrity, and belonging
  • Moving beyond individual care and Western concepts of self-care to communal care
  • Navel gazing vs. understanding ourselves as a part of the collective
  • Paving the portal and honoring the work you were meant to do by following the indicators guiding your way
  • Secondary gain and the ways that we subconsciously deceive ourselves when trying to get our needs met

Hear Dyana Ask Me About

  • My relationship with the activated process of breaking cycles of racial injustice
  • Integrity – and questioning what I think I know as I work through layers of White Supremacy in my understanding of the world around me
  • Meeting my need for sex – and how sometimes I’ve used food to hide out from meeting this need
  • My relationship with money and the story behind how we bought our home

Hang with Dyana

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