Needy 14: Saying No to Say YES to Yourself with Michelle Ward

Today’s episode features Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach! Michelle has been offering dream business guidance for creative women since 2008. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Etsy, Newsweek, Freelancers Union, USA Today, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career List or 150+ other media outlets. She’s the co-author of The Declaration of You, which was published by North Light Books, and the teacher of Create Your Dream Career and Ditch Your Day Job, which were watched by tens of thousands of people live on CreativeLive. When she’s not coaching, teaching or speaking, she can be found building a fort for her little girl, sitcom-binging with her husband, or belting out show tunes.  One of the things that I have always adored about Michelle is how direct she is with her advice. In today’s episode, she reminds us that we may need to say no to in order to say YES to ourselves and to our dreams in a way that feels both encouraging and spectacularly doable. Michelle shares about how her self-care has evolved through creating her business, getting married, adopting her daughter, and surviving breast cancer, twice.

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • Caring for yourself while you are in transition, instead of pushing it aside until you “get there”
  • Eliminating things from your life that you don’t want to to do create space for the things you DO want to do (and how to say no – eep!)
  • Being really honest with ourselves about our actual capacity while chasing our dreams
  • Nourishing creative habits as a form of self-care

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