You are IN for Roost!


Roost 2024 is almost here and I could not be more excited to gather with you. 

I am thinking about you and the profound bravery that signing up for an experience like Roost requires. Whether or not you notice it yet, saying yes to yourself in this way has already been a huge step forward to taking up space in the center of your life and reminding yourself that you matter. (And you DO matter, deeply.) 

As our glorious circle forms over the coming weeks, I am busy behind the scenes creating this delicious new content and getting things ready for us to jump in together in January.

Here’s what’s going to happen next:

No. 1: I don’t want you to miss a thing, so take a moment to drag this confirmation email over to your Primary tab in Gmail or add to your contacts so my emails never fall into the dreaded abyss. #BFFs

No. 2: Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 5th at 7 pm Eastern for our kick off call. We will be partying together on Zoom to get situated in our new Roost community and set intentions for our time together before our first Roost seasonal retreat – the Winter Solstice retreat on Saturday, December 16 from 11 am - 3 pm Eastern! This Winter Solstice Retreat is a delightful crossover event with the current Roost members, some of whom are graduating from the program and some of whom will join us for another year together! 

Like ALL Roost calls, this will be recorded for you. I know that the holiday season is rife with shenanigans and obligations as you work to wrap up 2023, so please don’t worry if you aren’t able to join us live. There will be pleeeeeenty of opportunities to gather live over the course of the next years together…

…including in our Roost FB group, if that is a place you are interested in hanging out. The FB group is absolutely not mandatory, but it will be a fun place for our community to hang in between calls and receive support from one another and from me.

No. 3: I will be inviting you to our Roost FB group in January. You can anticipate that email arriving in your inbox on Friday, January 5th. 

If you have any questions or needs, please reach out. I am happy to answer them for you. 

I’m sending so much love your way. 

Yours in self-partnership, self-trust & sustainable productivity,