Your life is for living.

For pleasure. For joy. For rooted contributions. For participating in your chosen communities. For spending your precious time, energy, attention, and cash in ways that align with your values and your vision for the future.

So what happens when living that way seems so… far away?

If you’re too tired; too overwhelmed; too buried under an interminable to-do list to even get curious about what life could be like, and waiting for someone to tell you what to do and who to be…

I’m here to tell you:  

You are the person you’ve been waiting for. 

Come home to yourself. 

welcome to roost

A year-long homecoming for real humans who want to live, love, parent, work, and lead sustainably and with reverence for their bodies and quality of life

We are humans operating in systems of late-stage capitalism, structural oppression, and an unfolding climate emergency -- just to name a few -- aching for a connection to something larger than us WHILE ALSO needing to keep a roof over our heads and get dinner on the table.

In this world that seems hell-bent on divorcing us from our body and having us live from the head up, I promise you this: There is a different way to live.

 One that takes your days off autopilot + allows you to be an active participant, leading with benevolence, grace, compassion, and intention.

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