I need this and…

You need in layers depending on what you allow yourself or what you have been taught is available to need. A glass of water, a quick walk around the neighborhood and then back to work. The needs that are on the surface, easily accessible to your mind as you struggle to connect something tangible with … Read more

You are Sacred Land

You are sacred land. Your skin, the rugged and dimpled map of where you’ve been as you’ve walked the earth. Each line, each crevice a small piece of your story. Each chicken pock scar. Each faded silver stretch mark of where your body stretched and grew, once. You carry too, the stories that you tell … Read more

Taking Imperfect Action

After the events in Charlottesville this past weekend there are many of us who are desperately wanting to do something. To say the right thing or take the right action or put our hearts forward in some sort of meaningful way as we struggle with the implications of what we’ve witnessed. Over the last couple … Read more

Living In My Skin

After a lifetime of loathing my body, neutrality felt like a breath of fresh air. Instead of concocting plan after plan to fix myself, I was suddenly able to look up and out. I was no longer just a body. I was a person with a body. A person who also had a mind and a fire … Read more

Worrying Is Not An Action Step

There are times when I want to do so many things I feel impossibly fractured, as though I’ve left little parts of myself all over town while running my errands. Call my representatives. Join that group making reusable bags for the store down the street. Read. Reach out to that coach with a gentle nudge … Read more