When It Don’t Come Easy

As I’m sure comes to a surprise to absolutely no one, I’ve been thinking (again, always) about self-partnership — the way that we show up for and stand by ourselves each day. Even when it’s hard. Even when we have a ton on our to-do lists. Even when our hearts are broken. Even when everyone … Read more

Feeling Your Way Through

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of feelings and thinking about you. How you are you feeling today, really? (Chetna Mehta created this excellent feelings wheel to get you started if you need it.) Can you take a moment to put your hand on your heart and ask? Can you resolve to truly listen … Read more

Is Accepting Myself Avoiding Self-Improvement?

When you think about accepting yourself as you are — really accepting yourself — what does that bring up for you? Over the years women have been told me they are afraid of accepting themselves because that means they will never improve. They say, Well, if I accept myself as I am, aren’t I just … Read more

The Healing is in the Holding

I am allergic to someone trying to fix me. I can feel it from miles away. It exists somewhere on the spectrum of the discomfort of wearing a scratchy wool sweater over your naked skin to the violence of being dismissed when when you are at your most vulnerable. It starts like this. I spill … Read more

Standing in my Realm of Responsibility

I am awestruck by the delight of this container as I walk the earth here. The fertile ground beneath my feet. The lush landscape that surrounds me. The fortitude of the fence that holds my structure here without the slightest sense of confining me. The way that I am easily able to understand what is … Read more