Feeling Your Way Through

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of feelings and thinking about you.

How you are you feeling today, really?

(Chetna Mehta created this excellent feelings wheel to get you started if you need it.)

Can you take a moment to put your hand on your heart and ask?

Can you resolve to truly listen — even when you don’t hear what you expect to hear or when you feel overwhelmed by the swirling mix of feelings inside of your body?

As the feelings come forth, can you ask them what they need from you?

You might be surprised by what you hear: A walk outside. A chocolate sundae. A hug. A shower. A dance party. Banana bread. To climb back into bed and watch Gilmore Girls. Nothing, go away. To sit down for a minute.

Can you stay with yourself — giving yourself the gift of your attention for a few short minutes?

You may feel overwhelmed by your needs as they present themselves. You might feel like pulling up the drawbridge and locking yourself away behind tall walls. You might feel small and your needs might feel insurmountable.

Can you give yourself permission to not have to do it all today?

Can you remind yourself that your relationship with yourself requires your presence and not your perfection?

Can you ask yourself what feels DOABLE today?

Can you commit to doing less than that?

It might feel too small to be worth your energy. Do it anyway.

Today, let your feelings guide you. Let them tell you what you need. Let them lead you home to yourself.

Just for today, can you carve our five minutes to listen?

It will be worth it.

What do you need right now?


Figure out what you need + how to meet that need in a way that is deliciously DOABLE, sustainable, and kind. (I pinky promise.)

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