Needy 110: 2021 Is Not Over Yet

2021 is Not Over Yet, a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel

Do you routinely set resolutions for yourself in January, only to completely lose track (and steam) by March? Does it feel like 2021 is FLYING BY and you’ve been considering waiting until 2022 to finally get down to creating the life you’ve been wanting for yourself? Do you keep pushing your care off to next week, hoping it will be better, but that time never seems to come? This episode is for you.

Join me to dismantle the cycle that keeps your goals in limbo and your care relegated to the very last spot on your to-do list (if it appears there at all). Traditional resolution and goal setting doesn’t include mechanisms that account for your humanity and daily needs. We are not taught how to make tandem commitments to ourselves rooted in WHAT WE NEED in order to make good on our promises. Instead, we are urged to push through and work harder — only to get us stuck in deep bouts of burnout. Today’s episode describes a different model for being in relationship with yourself and your desires, so that you are able to stop focusing on things that don’t matter and start fueling your self-trust through consistent, inspired action.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • What setting resolutions on January has to do with diet culture
  • How to stop internalizing your exhaustion as personal failure
  • The steps to cultivating living, breathing goals that grow with you over the course of the year
  • What self-trust has to do with taking empowered action in your life

P.s. The doors close for Cycle on FRIDAY, June 11th. Click here to join me in divesting from toxic productivity culture and prioritizing the things that really matter to you (and feel confident knowing what those things are) — without sacrificing your needs or self-care.

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