Needy 84: Acceptance is not Stagnation

Acceptance is not Stagnation, a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel
Society has a funny way of teaching people to loathe themselves. For so long, we’ve been conditioned into thinking that accepting ourselves as we are equals becoming stagnant.

But that’s not true. You can accept yourself fully while also making room for growth. You don’t have to choose between the two. In this episode, I explored how you can reimagine how you’re in relationship with yourself to include space for both peaceful acceptance and your voracious ambition for growth. 

You’ll hear how you can begin to take action on your priorities in a humane way. I also talk about how to get clear and create priorities that are in alignment with what you want, how you want to be living and what you’re capable of. 

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • The process of reimagining how you’re in relationship with yourself
  • Why you need to learn to stand by your own side 
  • Finding ways to take action on tasks that are sustainable and kind to yourself

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