Needy 88: Meaningful & Kind Movement with Lori Race

Meaningful and kind movement, a Needy podcast episode with Lori Race

It’s no secret that our bodies need movement. However, many of us are recovering from abusive relationships with exercise that keeps us from being able to move our bodies lovingly and sustainably. We might be experts on the kind of exercise that the diet and exercise industry deems “right” and “best”, but we aren’t sure how to connect with what OUR bodies need. 

In this episode, I am talking to Lori Race, founder of The Meaningful Movement Project. Lori is a healer, health clinic owner and writer with a passionate message to share from her past as a fitness instructor suffering from compulsive exercise disorder. The Meaningful Movement Project is her rallying cry for a radical new approach to exercise; one that looks to care for mind, body, soul and planet through a broader, more compassionate lens. And one that draws on our deep ancestral desires for movement in ritual, play, and a spiritual connection to the natural world.

Lori talks about how movement shouldn’t be looked at as a chore but rather a nourishing and sacred practice you do to take care of yourself. She and I talk about reconnecting with your why, what a sustainable fitness routine looks like and the common myths of fitness culture. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • How exercise can be nourishing and sacred
  • What sustainable fitness looks like
  • Reconnecting to your body as a guiding compass


Hang with Lori…

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