Needy 99: Advocating for Your Needs in Your Relationships with Pace Smith

Advocating for Your Needs in Your Relationships, a Needy podcast conversation with Pace Smith

The Needy podcast is on a much-needed hiatus as I prepare for season 4. During this time I am bringing you my very favorite episodes from the last four years, including today’s podcast episode, “Advocating for Your Needs in Your Relationships ” featuring the brilliant Pace Smith.

Pace is co-host of The Dervish and the Mermaid, a podcast about living wholeheartedly, pathfinding, the Enneagram, feminism & activism for sensitive people, self-love & body love, and plenty more! Pace is a Sufi, a bridger, a pan poly trans Beat Saber player, and a 3. Download her free eBook, Find Your Path Now, to STOP living on autopilot and START living the wholehearted, unconventional life you were meant to live.

Pace and I had a fantastic conversation about figuring out what you need and determining how to advocate for those needs in your relationships. I am so grateful to her for how much she shared, because I had a ton of lightbulb moments for how to show up in my relationship with greater clarity! Throughout the episode, Pace shares personal anecdotes and tangible tools that help us connect with others more deeply and live with greater intention.

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • Decision fatigue & creating routines to help you meet your needs
  • Figuring out how to advocate for – and not minimize – your needs in your relationships
  • Subtle vs. direct communication and how your style impacts your need advocacy
  • Boundaries, feeling safe & what happens when our needs are in conflict with one another
  • Creating a spiritual practice that supports you

During the episode we discussed a super fun interview I did for Pace and Kyeli’s podcast on Permission to Rest, which I totally recommend checking out!

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