Needy 106: Navigating Grief & Fear of Loss With Breeshia Wade

Navigating Grief & Fear of Loss, a Needy podcast conversation with Breeshia Wade

For today’s episode I am thrilled to interview writer and grief expert Breeshia Wade.

Breeshia Wade helps clients uncover the ways that fear of loss and avoiding the reality of impermanence shape us. She’s the author of the Grieving While Black: An Anti-Racist Take on Oppression and Sorrow (North Atlantic Books).

In 2018, she deepened her Buddhist practice by receiving Jukai – a lay ordination ceremony predicated upon the formal acceptance of Zen Buddhist precepts. She has served as a lay ordained Zen Buddhist end-of-life caregiver and birth doula by day, and a writer, sex, and grief coach in the evening. In all aspects of her career, she seeks to uncover the ways that we experience grief–in our relationship with ourselves and others, at the beginning and end of life, in the daily experiences of systemic injustice–and how we can use that grief to inform rather than drive us.

During this interview, Breeshia speaks about “fear of loss”, an aspect of grief that isn’t readily discussed, and how it informs our lives. This particular type of grief is ever-present and affects our daily decision making, playing a key role in our collective process of living in and dismantling systems of oppression. She is a vibrant voice, bringing lessons learned from death and dying to people who are building a life of meaning.

Tune in to hear Breeshia share about…

  • Prioritizing the things that give her joy (especially during pandemic restrictions)
  • Starting her day by giving herself the best of herself
  • Determining her own definition of success and letting those external forces be just that. External.
  • How white people’s decision to attend to their own fear of loss is an essential component of social justice
  • Why we need to be attentive, engaged, and proactive with our grief in order to make larger systemic change

Hang out with Breeshia…

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