Needy 119: How to Quietly Quit Your Life As You Know It

How do you feel about “quiet quitting”? I love it. And I’ve been encouraging people to quietly quit for years, so I’m happy to see this work make it to the mainstream.

In today’s episode, I unpack how to quietly quit your work, your relationships, and your constant attempts at self-improvement.

Tune in to hear more about…

  1. Why we should rebrand “quiet quitting” as sustainable living
  2. How to recognize when your work is unsustainable
  3. Why you should quit performing perfection for yourself or other people
  4. How to release unrealistic expectations
  5. Why you don’t need “self-improvement”
  6. My wishlist of everything I wish we could all quiet quit right now

This episode is great for overachievers, perfectionists and people-pleasers. Listen in if you want support quiet-quitting anything or anyone in your life.


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