Needy 100: Honoring My Energy & Running a Humane Business

Honoring my energy & running a humane business, a Needy conversation with host Mara Glatzel

The Needy podcast is back with season 4 today! HUZZAH!

Did you know that your energy isn’t actually meant to be constant each and every day over the course of the year? What might be different for you if you understood how to organize your efforts over the course of the year to best align with your energy instead of constantly feeling like you are working against yourself?

Today’s episode delves into the inner workings of how I run my  pro-human and anti-hustle for hustle’s sake business. I pull back the curtain on how I organize my projects and efforts over the course of the year by asking, what is this season/cycle/moon phase BEST-SUITED for? This episodes is a deep sigh of relief and lightening bolt of inspiration for business owners, but is certain to inspire all of us to reimagine how we are organizing our lives to give us more space and a greater sense of alignment.

Tune in to hear me explore…

  • Aligning with your energy seasons and cycles (and using that data to plan your business year ahead)
  • How to care for yourself proactively instead of reactively
  • How my sustainable, compassionate approach to self-leadership works in real life
  • Pro-human boundaries & business practices

In this episode, I mentioned that doors are closing Friday (3/19) for my membership community, Cycle. Dance on over here if you want to learn more about how you can join us!

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