Needy 109: Recovering from People Pleasing with Johannah Bogart

Recovering from People Pleasing, a Needy podcast conversation with Johannah Bogart

As a recovering people-pleaser myself, I am so delighted to bring you my conversation with Johanna Bogart.

Johannah Bogart is an internationally recognized coach for people pleasers, certified in trauma-informed care and by Erickson Coaching International. She studied sociology and comparative sexuality studies at the Ohio State University while managing projects for Amnesty International and Greenpeace. She’s worked as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at a foster care agency in the Bronx and as an Advocate Counselor in Brooklyn. Her work offers a unique blend of practical tools, spiritual integration, and social justice framework so that you can unhook from everything that has power over you and live as a sovereign being.

In today’s episode, Johanna shares all about navigating the world as a (recovering) people pleaser, the tension of both wanting to protect ourselves and wanting to be seen and known, and the power of claiming allegiance to yourself. We jam on about how people pleasing, perfectionism and codependency keep us small and from having our needs met — even though (and especially) because they are valiant attempts to get our needs met in our relationships. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • What belonging to yourself can truly look and feel like
  • Navigating your vulnerability armor and how to stop being a damsel in distress
  • Telling the truth and renegotiating relationship contracts
  • Allowing people to really know you and support you
  • How you may be in a codependent relationship with yourself (and questions to ask yourself to shift from enabling to empowering)
  • A micro step for becoming aligned with your truth
  • How to stop being hypersensitive to how other people feel (hint: your feelings are yours, theirs are theirs)

Hang with Johannah…

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