Needy 101: Leaving Social Media & Returning to Center with Marlee Grace

Leaving social media & returning to center, a Needy podcast conversation with Marlee Grace

Marlee Grace is a dancer and writer whose work focuses on the self, devotion, ritual, creativity, and art making. Her practice is rooted in improvisation as a compositional form that takes shape in movement videos, books, quilting, online courses, and hosting artists. Marlee’s Instagram dance project Personal Practice has been featured in the New York Times, Dance Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, and more. You can find her zines, things she makes, artists she hosts, and more at

In this episode, Marlee shares her thoughts about social media, being intentional with her attention, and a current experiment with a four month Instagram holiday. We discuss Marlee’s changing relationship with social media and what she’s doing with her days now that Instagram is not a part of them. Our conversation showcases how Marlee loves to bring joy and clarity to others by being herself. I so enjoyed speaking with her about the nuances of being an online entrepreneur who is reevaluating her digital spaces. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • How Marlee prepared for her social media holiday as an online entrepreneur
  • Understanding your own needs and gaining clarity before negotiating for your needs in relationship
  • Why constant input on social media is not the same as inviting constructive feedback
  • What is looks like to navigate assumed intimacy in online spaces
  • Where to begin if you’re curious about being more intentional about your own intention

If this episode resonated with you, make sure to check out Marlee’s new course THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR ONLINE CLASS, A four-week course to vision your offering, develop your syllabus, and transform the world with your teaching. This course starts April 5th. 

Hang with Marlee…

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