Needy 113: Mothering & Re-Mothering Ourselves with Sarah Durham Wilson

Mothering & Re-Mothering Ourselves with Sarah Durham Wilson

Where are you in the journey from maiden to mother to mature feminine? How do you know where you are or want to be?

In today’s episode, Sarah Durham Wilson joins me to unpack her evolution from maiden to mother and share how she tends to her needs as she creates rites of passage for women all over the world.

Sarah Durham Wilson is a women’s Rites of Passage Leader and Writer. Her offerings are rooted in Archetypal Mother work and resurrecting the Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother. She has taught courses and led retreats for thousands of women over the past decade and works with private clients. Her first book, Maiden to Mother is out with Sounds True Publishing now.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • Longing for the rest and the play of mystery
  • Mothering & re-mothering our children, our creations & our selves
  • Rites for passage for moving from Maiden to Mother to Mature Feminine
  • Mara’s affirmation “I am the woman for the job”
  • Honoring your capacity as a human and a mother
  • The challenges of the book-writing process & the music that nurtured our books
  • Control & spontaneity in our daily routines
  • Meeting our needs to heal our wounds

Hang with Sarah:

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