Needy 114: Making Sustainable Commitments & Finding the Support You Need

Making Sustainable Commitments & Finding the Support You Need


How can we have energy for the things we want to prioritize without burning out because we’ve prioritized too many things?

In today’s episode, I talk about making sustainable commitments and how to decide what to devote your precious resources to. This is an invitation to say no more often, and a lesson in how to identify your priorities so saying yes feels better than ever.

I also get really honest about why I re-committed to the Needy podcast after a year-long hiatus, and how I’m applying these lessons to the return of the show so it can be sustainable now and in the future.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • Three signs that a commitment is unsustainable
  • How to figure out what to say no to & what to say yes to
  • The magical thinking that we can do everything (hint: we can’t)
  • Identifying what you need to make good on your commitments
  • The Needy podcast hiatus & our recent comeback (now with more support!)
  • Your invitation to join The Needy Podcast Inner Circle!

This episode also marks the launch of The Needy Podcast Inner Circle! If you love this show and want to support me in producing it sustainably, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation of any amount to join the Needy Inner Circle. You’ll get delicious treats, discounts for future offerings, quarterly Q&As with me, and more as thanks for your support. Join now and receive instant access to the recording of my beloved workshop, Your To-Do List Makeover. 

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