Needy 116: You Don’t Have to Be Mean to Yourself

Needy Ep 116: You Don't Have To Be Mean To Yourself


I recently received an email from a Needy listener who wrote, “We’re taught that being mean to ourselves will make it better. But it hasn’t worked. One day we’ll unlearn it…maybe.”

So in today’s episode, I’m talking about our combative relationships with ourselves, and how we can unlearn being mean to ourselves by practicing self-trust.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • Why being mean to ourselves doesn’t help us grow
  • Why self-trust is the antidote to self-cruelty
  • My new vision for trustworthiness, where we don’t compare ourselves to machines
  • How to develop a relationship with yourself that allows your humanity in, rather than holding your humanity at bay
  • Why failure is important for developing self-trust
  • Making space for the grief that comes when you unlearn what you’ve been taught

This is a tender episode that’s great for anyone who struggles with their inner critic. Listen in if you want support unlearning negative self-talk, turning toward yourself with grace, and accepting your needs.

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