Needy 118: Releasing Perfectionism & Showing Up Imperfectly Instead

Why do we deny ourselves the grace we offer others? What makes us so “special” that we don’t deserve it, too?

In today’s episode, I open up about the depths of my struggle with perfectionism. And I share how I’ve unpacked my ideas of “good work” and “success” to keep doing my work, even when it’s not perfect.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • The idea of “terminal specialness” and why we deny ourselves the grace we offer others
  • How perfectionism becomes interwoven with professionalism
  • My personal Bad Place scenario that’s forced me to reevaluate what “good work” means to me
  • Why burnout is not a moral failing
  • The audacity & authenticity of showing up imperfectly

This episode is great for anyone who feels pressure to be perfect. Listen in if you want support releasing perfectionism and giving yourself permission to be who and how you actually are.


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