Needy 124: Living in Collaboration feat. Mimi Young

What does it look like to live collaboratively with the world around us? And how do we get in touch with our inner magic?

Today, I’m joined by Mimi Young for our final guest episode of 2022. Mimi is an Animist Spirit Medium and owner of Ceremonie, a brand focused on intuition and spirit connection, reawakening us to embodied living with the visible and invisible. She offers a variety of courses, readings, and products with a focus on increasing one’s understanding of and connection to psychic language.

Together, Mimi and I discuss animism, spiritual healing, being rather than doing, how we invite our children to live more collaboratively, and even a bit about Mimi’s muggle home. Tune in to remember how to rebuild your relationship with yourself and why our inner and outer worlds are deeply interconnected.

 Tune in to hear more about…

  • Searching for safety in quiet, solitude, and nature
  • Rebuilding relationship with ourselves
  • Cultivating a rich inner world
  • The beautiful basics of animism
  • Knowing yourself, getting lost, and finding yourself again
  • Learning to trust the intangible
  • Needs as allies

Hang out with Mimi…

Join Mimi for her THE HIDDEN VALLEY OF REST: A WINTER SOLSTICE E-GATHERING on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 from 6-8PM PST. The Hidden Valley of Rest is live-stream Winter Solstice gathering to slowly descend into the deep quiet, granting yourself the gentleness and attentiveness you crave. Accompanied by a group I Ching reading to anchor, affirm, and guide as you enter the Yin season.

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