Needy 127: Understanding & Questioning our Need for Safety with Jake Ernst

Understanding & Questioning our Need for Safety with Jake Ernst

Understanding our needs, especially the need for safety, can be challenging. So in today’s episode, I am talking with Jake Ernst about the personal and social experiences of our needs, safety, and more.

Jake is a therapist, writer, educator, and content creator. He’s the Clinical Director of Straight Up Health, a mental health clinic for young people and their families. He’s also the host of his own podcast called This Isn’t Therapy.

Together, we have a deeply insightful and honest conversation about what’s happening in our brains as we move through our lives every day.

Tune in to hear us also discuss…

  • Mapping our brains as it relates to various levels of needs
  • The myth that everything needs to be solved
  • The hard work of clarifying what’s true from the past and what’s true in the present
  • The eight routes to safety
  • Balancing the competing needs of safety and stretch
  • The things we will always carry with us
  • The system-strengthening power of breath work

Hang out with Jake…

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