Needy 130: Sharing the mental load with Laura Danger

So much responsibility is placed on caregivers, including the heaviness of carrying the mental load. But you don’t have to be resigned to the overwhelm of domestic labor, and your family can be full of equitable relationships.

Today, I’m joined by Laura Danger for a long overdue conversation about the burden of being the default parent, the challenge of meeting your needs while caring for others, and how to handle renegotiating household norms.

Laura is a licensed educator coach, content creator, and certified Fair Play facilitator who has been facilitating and educating in Chicago for over 12 years. Laura facilitates workshops and retreats, coaches individuals and couples, and creates educational content in an effort to create a more equitable world.

Tune in to hear us discuss…

  • Routine as a foundation for taking care of yourself
  • Boundaries as relationship saviors
  • How not asking is giving yourself a “no”
  • Why both partners are responsible for the home, even if only one works outside it
  • The CIPE method

Hang out with Laura…

Laura’s favorite resources…

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