Needy 131: Receive, Reset & Retreat in Italy with Jane Reeves (& Me)

Taking time away, especially time away abroad, can feel impossible when we consider our busy, demanding lives. But if all we are is busy and in-demand, are we really experiencing life?

Today, I’m joined by Jane Reeves, and we discuss the importance of taking time away to have real, uninhibited, guiltless fun in a place where you can step away from the stressors of your daily life.

Jane is an international retreat leader, author, yoga and meditation teacher. She is also the founder of Radiant Jane retreats. She and her team lead retreats to Italy where guests experience restoration through the culture of Italy, art history, cuisine, self love, pleasure, laughter, connection, yoga and meditation while being surrounded by beauty.

Tune in to hear us discuss…

  • How stepping away can show us how much support we really have
  • How Jane has seen people change post-pandemic
  • Food as a healing community experience
  • A bit about the experiences we’ll have on the Italy trip
  • Re-learning to receive and create retreat in our daily lives

Hang out with Jane…

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