Needy 135: Revenge Self-Sabotage with Rosie Molinary

Have you ever stayed up late for just one more Netflix episode, knowing it’s robbing you of the rest you need? Or abandoned your much-needed afternoon walk when a partner or colleague asked why you hadn’t taken it yet?

In today’s episode, I welcome back Rosie Molinary for a heartfelt and deeply honest conversation about the ways we’ve sabotaged our chances of getting our needs met as a means of getting back at those who didn’t meet them.

Rosie is an activist, author, speaker, and radical self-acceptance champion. She offers workshops and retreats, speaking on self-acceptance, body image, self-care, media literacy, the Latina experience, and intentional living. She also provides retreat facilitation and consultation to companies and brands that wish to provide a synergistic, empowered and soulful experience to their clients and employees as they serve the world.

Tune in to hear us discuss…

  • The power of a mental health walk
  • Discerning when delight needs to shift into care
  • The helpfulness of sharing your intentions with others
  • The various reasons we abandon ourselves and our needs
  • Claiming the needs we want to distance ourselves from

Hang out with Rosie…

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