Needy 136: How to Be a Bad Friend with Katherine Sleadd

It can be difficult to speak up for ourselves in relationships, especially when we’ve experienced heartache or lost friends in the past. But, as you’ll hear from today’s guest Katherine Sleadd, recognizing our needs and communicating them honestly can lead to deeper connections, even in the midst of conflict.

Katherine is a trauma informed coach, currently pursuing her masters in counseling psychology. She is the author of How to Be a Bad Friend: The Hidden Life of Failed Relationships, a book all about friendship and friend breakups. Her work is focused on growing people’s capacity to understand and reconnect with their desire, like you would an old friend.

Tune in to hear us discuss…

  • How conflict is necessary for growth for ourselves and our relationships
  • Noticing when we’re overworking in relationships and taking a break if needed
  • Recognizing personal history and how it affects behavior in relationships
  • Not ghosting yourself when you’ve been ghosted

Hang out with Katherine…

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