Needy 139: Reclaiming Sacred Stories with Ronna Detrick

How can we let stories from the past transform our relationship to the present?

In this episode, I’m joined by Ronna Detrick for a thoughtful and moving conversation about the power of reclaiming sacred stories. We discuss her passion for writing, reinterpreting the Bible, and reconnecting with historical stories in a more meaningful and honest way.

Ronna Detrick (she/her) left the church and its dogma nearly twenty years ago but took the stories of women with her. She has combined her love of writing with a diverse and winding career that has included coaching, spiritual direction, professional development training, corporate leadership, and entrepreneurship. She holds both a Master of Divinity degree and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

Tune in to hear us discuss…

  • Ronna’s current writing process & how it helps her connect with herself more deeply
  • The surprising benefits of closing your eyes while typing
  • The house of cards that led to Ronna’s deconstructing her belief system
  • The power in reclaiming the stories of women that have been misconstrued
  • Mary of Bethany & what she teaches us about prioritizing our needs

Hang out with Ronna…

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