Needy 105: Tending to Resentment & Sharing Responsibilities

Tending to resentment and sharing responsibilities, a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel

Have you ever felt as though you carry more than your fair share of the emotional and mental labor in your relationships? Do you find yourself resentful that no one in your household appreciates everything you do on a daily basis? Today’s episode has your name alllllll over it. Tune in to hear me sharing my best tips and structure for tending to resentment, sharing responsibilities in a way that feels good for all parties involved, and figuring out how to live in alignment with your personal priorities while honoring the season of life that you are in.

These days my life is incredibly full with two children under the age of 5, a puppy, two growing businesses, and everything else that comes along with being a human living through a pandemic. In this special episode I am pulling back the curtain on how I navigate these conversations with my partner in order to reduce resentment (me) and make sure that things are being done around the house (her).

Tune into today’s episode to hear more about…

  • What anger and resentment really mean about the ecosystem in your home and relationships
  • My beloved strategy for reducing the strain of emotional and mental labor in order to more equitably divide the labor in our household
  • How weekly and daily meetings can reduce conflict around who is taking care of what
  • Getting super clear about your PRIORITIES so that you know where to put your energy each day
  • Honoring the season of life that you’re in

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