Needy 108: Fostering a Culture of Care with Tunja Morton

Fostering a Culture of Care, a Needy podcast conversation with Tunja Morton

Today’s conversation with Tunja Morton is close to my heart. As someone who comes from a family of teachers, and after the pandemic year teachers endured and all they’ve made happen, I know intimately how needed Tunja’s work is. Tunja is a life coach for educators, but the core of her work is about deepening self-care for your own well-being and enjoyment of your life.

For the past 25 years – Tunja Morton has been an educator. She is a Milken Award-winning National Board Certified Teacher, life coach, author, and advocate for school staff self-care and overall wellbeing. Tunja’s superpower is holding safe spaces for those who are ready to explore and express what they want their lives to look and feel like. She believes in giving yourself permission to live that life without apologizing or attempting to explain it. Tunja is in love with sunsets, rich conversations, a great cup of coffee, the solitude of her home, moments near the ocean, and all things joy. She is also in love with Johnny (her best friend and husband), Sinead and Hannah (her beautiful teenage daughters), and LA (their playful Rottweiler puppy).

Tune in to hear more from Tunja about…

  • Self-care practices, which include choosing a guiding word of the year, 4 pillars of “ways of being” and keeping a joy list
  • Her daily practices for living her 2021 word of the year: Nourish
  • How to get started with your own joy list (especially if the thought of one sparks potential for disappointment)
  • Ways in which prioritizing a “culture of care” in the workplace supports everyone
  • Healing imposter syndrome
  • And the clarity and courage she brings to creating the life she loves

Hang out with Tunja…

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