Needy 123: Moving from Self-Abandonment to Self-Partnership

How do we stay connected to what we want to create and what we need to take care of?

Today, I’m continuing to pull back the curtain on how we hold dreams, make decisions, and move forward with a nod – always – to our own capacity.

Join me as I discuss what I’ve learned about maintaining a sustainable life, and giving myself what I need in order to fulfill my inner desires.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • The importance of role models for this kind of thinking
  • Getting clear about what we want and need by building a robust relationship with ourselves
  • Prioritizing by desire & circumstance
  • Saying “yes” with sustainability in mind
  • The story behind the creation of my enjoyment-focused Tuscany Retreat
  • Introducing my new course, Roost, and what inspired its conception
  • Deciding what your life is actually for


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