Needy 125: Learning the Language Our Body Is Speaking feat. Molly Caro May

Living in step with what our bodies are trying to tell us can be a difficult thing to learn. How do we trust the feelings in our body? And how can we practice tracking those sensations and be present with the language our body is speaking?

Today, I’m joined by writer and Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Molly Caro May. Together, we discuss how to tune in to ourselves, so we can commit to the things that excite us most and leave the things that don’t behind.

Molly is the author of two books, teacher, and the holder of space for 13 plus years. She has facilitated personal story workshops for more than hundreds of people across the globe. She is trained in somatic experiencing and focuses on where language and voice and the animal body meet each other. Her mission is to democratize expression and explore in good company the healing alchemy between story and nervous system.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • The growth edge of uncomfortable but tolerable
  • Having a working understanding of yourself
  • The stories we carry about our needs
  • Balancing the consequences of divesting from grind culture
  • Delighting in your own pace and timing

Hang out with Molly…

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