Needy 138: Honoring Needs & Parenting Beyond Power feat. Jen Lumanlan

Is it possible to have a relationship with our children that is mutually respectful? How do we push against societal messages saying that being a parent means having no needs?

In today’s episode, Jen Lumanlan, the founder of “Your Parenting Mojo,” is here to share her wisdom on meeting our needs and those of our children. Together, we delve into the delicate balance between safety and autonomy as parents, exploring how to set boundaries that respect our own needs while honoring our children’s independence.

Jen is a researcher, parenting coach, and author. After becoming a parent, she went back to school for a masters in education and psychology focusing on child development to better understand why parents and children face the challenges they do. Her podcast (named the best research-based parenting podcast by LifeHacker) and new book, “Parenting Beyond Power” discuss the societal influences that make parenting hard and why we shouldn’t see problems as individual failings.

Tune in to hear more about…

  • How to communicate with our children and find solutions that truly benefit everyone involved
  • The importance of involving the child in decision-making
  • The exaggeration of safety risks and labeling things as safety issues
  • Perfectionism as a way of seeking love and acceptance
  • Questioning perpetuation of harmful systems and seeking change

Hang out with Jen…

Resources from this episode…

  • Take Jen’s needs quiz to learn about your needs as a parent
  • and my needs quiz if you want my support in learning how to nourish your needs

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