Needy 103: Cultivating a Supportive Mindset

Cultivating a supportive mindset, a Needy podcast conversation with host Mara Glatzel

Recently, I saw a meme that said “Your mind set is a skill set” and I thought, “Yes, and/but…”. There are sooooo many layers to cultivating a supportive and nourishing mindset. In today’s episode I pull back the curtain on the multitude of ways we can practice developing a supportive mindset, how our social and cultural conditioning impacts our self-image, and creating optimal conditions for this work because it requires ENERGY!

Tune into today’s episode to hear more about…

  • The foundational physical building blocks of a supportive mindset
  • Why it’s so important to validate and affirm yourself when reclaiming your meaning making
  • Why a chaotic inner environment (mindset) is a symptom of your burnout and not an indication of your lack of worth / a failing on your part
  • Why you don’t need to figure out your entire life before you start taking care of yourself
  • How to bring compassion and kindness into your mindset shifts
  • Ways to support new fledgling beliefs

P.s. The presence of your needs is a fact and not a flaw. Human bodies have needs. That is fact. Listen in to find out how to stop working on yourself and start working with yourself

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